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Hockey Jerseys, T-Shirts, and More!!

Rep your team with apparel & jerseys -- all designed for beer leaguers.

Black Flying Biscuits jersey with a streaking biscuit on the front and purple/yellow accents
Collage of a Norcross tshirt with a light blue alien hat


Get Started on Your Team's Store

A custom line of merch featuring shirts, hoodies, hats, and more.



Next Level Beer League Design

Our mission: make rec league hockey players look just as good as the pros.

Southern Hockey Co's dedicated team of jersey experts understands the power of a well-constructed visual identity.

We craft every detail of your teams design. So you can actually be proud of your jerseys when your squad hits the rink.

Illustration of a tshirt with a hat in front of it

Create & Customize Your Rec League Apparel Hub

Wear your beer league team proudly with shirts, hats, hoodies, and more customizable options.

Illustration of a hockey jersey

Custom Designed Jerseys That Make a Statement

Bring your team's spirit to life through a beautifully designed jersey.


How It Works

The perfect way to get fresh gear for your team

1. Choose Products

Choose if you want a BASIC or PRO yearly subscription, then choose from our different shirt design styles & other specialty products.

2. Approve Designs

Our designers take the style direction and come up with custom shirt graphics that show off your rec league team's logo and colors.

3. Send to Your Team

Once the designs are approved, you're ready to roll! Send your unique team store URL to the squad so that they can purchase gear and rep the brand.

Bold jersey designs from our expert designers.

1. Initial Consult

A quick 15 minute call is all you need with our design team. We take your insights and turn them in to awesome designs.

2. Jersey Design Comps

We then present two unique concepts, allowing you to make an informed decision and choose the design that aligns with your vision.

Green Checkmark icon indicating a positive

3. Design Approval

We eagerly await your feedback and suggestions. Once the jerseys are approved, they're ready for production!

Production & Shipping

Once you have provided final design approval, we move swiftly to initiate the production phase of the custom hockey jerseys. We ensure the highest quality craftsmanship for every garment. NOTE: Our actual produced jerseys cost approximately $45 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do items on the online store cost?

The exact pricing of online store items depends on the type of shirt that you select.

Here's what to generally expect:

T-shirts: $25 range
Hats: $30 range
Hoodies/Jackets/etc: $35+ range

Overall, we strive to offer fair prices similar to what you would typically expect. We aren't going to charge you an insane $45 rate for something simple like a t-shirt.

How does shipping & fulfillment of online store items work?

Our shipping system makes it extremely easy for individual members of your team to place orders that ship directly to them.

When they place an order using your unique team store URL, the item is individually printed and sent to the customer. The package is sent in a lightweight sleeve, keeping down shipping costs.

We can also handle larger bulk orders, where we can offer 10 or 20% off discounts depending on how big of an order it is.

Contact Us About a Custom Bulk Order >

What are customization options for the jerseys?

We have a few different weights of jersey fabric that you can choose from.

Our ROLLER optimized fabric is light and breathable (130 gram fabric)

Our ICE optimized fabric is a bit heavier for cold ice rinks (210 gram fabric)

We use pro-style collars. You can choose between collars with or without a lace-up element. We also include a clever "hangar effect" message on the inside of the collar, along with many other small custom touches & details.

Learn More >

We use pro-style collars. You can choose between collars with or without a lace-up element. We also include a clever "hangar effect" message on the inside of the collar, along with many other small custom touches & details.

Learn More >

What does it cost to activate an online store?

It depends on the plan that you select.

We have a BASIC plan that costs $80/year. This includes a store with 6 different items. You get four shirts, one hat, and one other specialty item (hoodie, jacket, socks, etc).

We also have an ADVANCED plan that costs $150/year. This includes a store with 12 different items. You get seven shirts, two hats, and three specialty items (hoodie, jacket, socks, etc).

These costs pay for hosting the site online and compensate our designers for the time it takes to set up your store!

Our suggestion: split the cost among all the members of your team! If you have 8 players on your team, the basic plan is only $10 for each player.

View All Products >

Do I make any money off of these purchases as the team manager?

Yes you do!

$2 of every purchase (excluding small items like stickers) goes back to the team.

We send you $20 after every 10 purchases. You can use that money to buy your own item of merch as a team captain or some nice beer for the team for post-game, whatever you want!

This incentivizes your team to keep buying gear and lets us give back to the hockey community.

Get Started >

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