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Customized Jerseys

A custom look that perfectly encapsulates your team's identity - at a great price.

an image that features 4 jerseys designed by Southern Hockey Co


Thoughtfully Designed Uniform Sets

Admit it, at this point you probably aren't going to make the NHL. But your team should still look like pros.

Get rid of your blank practice jerseys or your dirty old tarp from the 90's.

Your team should look fresh - and we keep our jersey costs low so you can make it happen.


1. Initial Consult

Sketch of a hockey jersey

We hit the drawing board to come up with initial ideas for your team.

This includes a quick 15-minute call with you to get the conversation started and to make sure we include your vision in our initial designs. Then, our designers get to work brainstorming and sketching for the jersey.

NOTE: You will need a team logo to get started on jersey concepts. Don't have a team logo? Request a Logo Design >


2. Design Comps

Two different options of Flying Biscuits designs on a flat template

Armed with details about your team, our skilled design team channels their creativity and expertise to craft two distinct jersey that encapsulate the vision.

Each mockup showcases unique design variations. We then present these two concepts, allowing you to make an informed decision and choose the perfect custom hockey jersey that aligns with your style.


3. Design Approval

Black and Off-White Flying Biscuits jerseys with a streaking biscuit on the front and purple/yellow accents

Once you have reviewed the two initial jersey mockups, we eagerly await your valuable feedback and suggestions. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction, so we promptly make any necessary edits or adjustments based on your preferences.

Whether it's tweaking the color palette, refining logo placement, or exploring alternative design elements, we incorporate the changes with an eye for the details to meet your exact specifications.

Upon implementing the revisions, we present the updated jersey mockups for final design approval. Our collaborative approach ensures that your remain an integral part of the creative process, but we are not afraid to give you our expert recommendation on the better option.


Production & Shipping*

Image of a package on someone's doorstep

Once you have provided final design approval, we move swiftly to initiate the production phase. We ensure the highest quality craftsmanship for every jersey.

After production, we carefully package and prepare all the jerseys for shipment. We offer direct shipping to your preferred address, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

* Please keep in mind that the the services included in our CUSTOM JERSEY product only includes the first 3 steps listed above (Consult, Comps, and Approval).
Our actual produced jerseys cost approximately $45 each.

More About Pricing > Full Product List >


Custom Jersey Design

$ 200.00 

Full custom jersey consult & design. Let our experts outfit your team in fresh threads.

Custom jersey consult and mockups based on your ideas

2 different directions to choose from + refined final design

NOTE: Cost of individual jerseys are $45 each

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Our Design Philosophy

We focus on minimalism and make choices that reflect the region where you play.

Jerseys should be designed thoughtfully.

Red X icon indicating a negative


There's a time and a place for using simple jersey designs, but it's our mission to avoid boring, unimaginative, and templated work.

Red X icon indicating a negative


No one wants to be that team with so many distracting elements on a jersey, it just looks bad. Plus, it can be hard to tell if the jersey is supposed to be light or dark.

Green Checkmark icon indicating a positive


Keeping a keen eye on meticulous details ensures an impeccable and captivating hockey jersey design.

Green Checkmark icon indicating a positive


By drawing upon a background in artistic principles, our jersey design service leverages the power of bold colors to craft visually captivating and impactful jerseys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the jerseys?

We offer ROLLER OPTIMIZED and ICE OPTIMIZED fabrics for our jerseys.

The roller option is 130 grams and is a little more breathable.

The ice option is 210 grams and slightly heavier for cold rinks.

More Jersey Details >

Are there any other accessories that you provide?

In terms of team uniforms, we can also provide PANTS (for roller) or SOCKS (for ice).

See our full Product page to see our other prices and add-ons.

Our Products >

What are my customization options?

The jersey design is fully customizable and we will ensure you love the final product that is printed.

Collar: Our collars are "pro-style", meaning they look similar to the Adidas collars that have been used in the NHL for the past decade. Our collars are either the basic pro-style, OR lace-up with more of the vintage looking crossed lace.

Shoulders: The cut of the shoulders can be the traditional rounded OR a squared-off more modern cut.

More Jersey Details >

Are there discounts for bulk jersey orders?

Yes! We offer a 5% discount on orders above 30 units, and a 10% discount on orders above 50 units.

Is there a return policy for the jerseys once they are produced?

No, once you purchase the full jersey order, it is yours.

If you live anywhere in the Atlanta area, we have plenty of samples to show you the actual jersey weight, collar construction, etc. Contact us if you live in ATL and would like to see a sample in person.

Contact Us >

(If you live anywhere in Georgia, we can make a sample happen if you want it badly enough. Let us know)

Don't Need Jerseys? Build Your Custom Team Store.

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