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Build Your
Team Store

A custom line of merch for your team. Controlled by you.

Collage of a person wearing a spaceship shirt looking at 3 other shirts laid on top of each other
ATL shirt design on a blue base with skyline


Light blue hat with alien logo


Flying Biscuits arched text hoodie


Slides with dragon design in green



Your Team, Your Gear.

Let an online store take your team to the next level.
Control your style and express your team's aesthetic with a diverse range of customizable options.

Southern Hockey Co. features an easy setup process & quick communication from our expert design team. All while working towards the goal of making your team look fresh.

Store Setup Process

Our online store builder is the perfect way to get custom gear for your team.

The process is super simple and our expert designers ensure full communication and quality results.


Send us Your Logo

Surprise, to set up your awesome online team store, we actually need a logo to do it with.

You'll get a follow up email after signing up. Simply respond to that with your team'slogo file.

Email Us Your Logo >


Start A Custom Consult >


Decide if you want a BASIC or PRO subscription, then choose from our different shirt design styles & other specialty products.

2. Approve Designs

Our designers take the style direction and come up with custom shirt graphics that show off your rec league team's logo and colors.

3. Send to your team

Once the designs are approved, you're ready to roll! Send your unique team store URL to the squad so that they can purchase gear and rep the brand.


Giving Back (to YOU)

At Southern Hockey Co., we believe in giving back to the hockey community.

For every purchase made, $2 goes directly to your team. After every 10 purchases, we send you $20!

This allows you, as the team captain, to treat yourself to your own item of merch, or perhaps some cold post-game beers for the entire team.

By offering this reward program, we aim to encourage your team to continue supporting and investing in high-quality gear while simultaneously fostering a sense of camaraderie within the hockey community.

BASIC Online Store

$ 160.00 

Full store setup + custom shirt designs

Custom team store URL - online for 6 months

6 total products (4 Tees, 1 Hat, 1 Specialty Product)

Free sticker design

PRO Online Store

$ 300.00 

Full store setup + custom shirt designs

Custom team store URL - online for 1 year

12 total products (7 Tees, 2 Hats, 3 Specialty Products)

Creation of free secondary logo for your team

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials or files does Southern Hockey Co. need to get started?

It's pretty simple, to get started you must first have a logo.

Please send the logo in preferably a vector file type (AI, SVG, EPS, or PDF).

If it is a high quality PNG or JPG, we can work with that.

If your logo is very low resolution, we may need to charge an additional fee to recreate the logo so it is usable in our design files.

Don't have a logo? That's fine! Our experienced design team excels in sports logos, with 10+ years of experience in the field.

Custom Logo Consult >

What if my team doesn't have a logo?

If you're just starting a team or if your existing team doesn't have a logo yet, we can help you with that.

Our experienced design team excels in sports logos, with 10+ years of experience in the field. We can also add on this fee to the other products you've chosen.

Custom Logo Consult >

Are there any other fees?

The initial store setup costs listed above are the only fees you'll be charged for the store setup itself. This of course assumes that you have a pre-existing logo.

This likely goes without saying, but please keep in mind that once your store has been created, you and your teammates will have to purchase individual items by adding them to your cart.

The setup cost keeps your store online for a set amount of time. The BASIC package gives you 6 months of your online store, while the PRO package gives you a full year.

After the time has elapsed, you can extend the store for $30 for 6 more months. Or, you can refresh your store with different products and designs for half of the price of your original store setup.

Is there a return policy?

Please contact us directly if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Email for Any Issues >

If there are any issues with damaged/defective items OR items lost in transit, we will refund you for these items.

If an item comes that does not fit you, typically we do not provide a refund, but please contact us and we can offer a partial refund in this scenario.

More About Shipping & Returns >

For items that are buyers remorse, we will not refund the product.

Do I make any money off of these purchases as the team manager?

Yes you do!

$2 of every purchase (excluding small items like stickers) goes back to the team.

We send you $20 after every 10 purchases. You can use that money to buy your own item of merch as a team captain or some nice beer for the team for post-game, whatever you want!

This incentives your team to keep buying gear and lets us give back to the hockey community.

Southern Hockey Co. Also Creates Beautiful Custom Jerseys

Illustration icon of a light colored and dark colored hockey jersey