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Jersey Details

Three hockey jerseys overlaid on top of each other

Jersey Options

Designing a hockey jersey involves a thoughtful consideration of various variables, each of which contributes to creating a distinct and impactful feel for the team's identity. Our design team has crafted numerous jerseys that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation.

Material Weight

Roller skate illustration


130 grams fabric

Our roller hockey fabric is thinner and more breathable, providing more comfort for warmer environments (we love these for summers in the south!)

Ice skate illustration


210 gram fabric

Our ice hockey fabric is heavier while still allowing air to get in around your pads. We'd recommend these for colder temperatures in an ice rink.

Collar Style

Jersey illustration with a pro style collar


Our collars feature a modern design similar to the style of jerseys worn in the NHL. A logo can be added to the center panel for a unique touch, plus the inside of the collar (the "hangar effect") is fully customizable.

Jersey illustration with a pro style collar, includes a lace-up element


The lace-up style adds a bit of extra fabric at the bottom of the center panel and features crossing laces to give more of a classic or retro feel. This pairs nicely with an old-school stripe design.

Shoulder Shape

Illustration showing a rounded shoulder pattern

RoundeD Shoulders

More of a traditional rounded shoulder meshes with many classic designs, think of the Bruins or Oilers in the NHL.

Illustration showing a square shoulder pattern

Square Shoulders

Square shoulders can add another modern flourish. They can also allow for more space for designs on the arms. The Stars and Devils use square cuts in the NHL.

Traditional vs. Modern Jersey Design

Black home jersey for norcross roller hockey featuring teal accents and a diagonal wordmark crest


Simple linear striping patterns based on jersey templates from the early days of hockey "sweaters"

Basic color schemes of colors that contrast and look good together

Legible, blocky number & nameplate fonts

Can feature rounded shoulder yokes with bold trim & lace-up collars

Dark blue alien jersey with bright green accents


Can feature more interesting stripes, asymmetrical designs, patterns, and curved/diagonal accents

Still can use basic color schemes, but sometimes will included varying tones of one of the base colors or patterns

The numbers can take more risks, such as curved or angled typefaces

Can really be as crazy as you want to get!

Three hockey jerseys overlaid on top of each other


Our Designers Will Give You a Jersey Design that Rules