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Logos that Stand Out

Crafting unique and impactful custom-designed hockey logos.

Various logo crests, 9 logos in total designed by Southern Hockey Co


Hockey Crests that Boldly Represent Your Team

Admit it, at this point you probably aren't going to make the NHL. But your team should still look like pros.

At Southern Hockey Co. we get frustrated by stock logos pasted from Google Images & boring, bland designs.

Your team logo should be original - and we strive to keep them affordable.

Original logos created for the Flying Biscuits team


Original logos created for the ATLiens team


Original logos created for the Puff Puff Passers team


Original logos created for the Jagrbombs team


Close-up at the crest area of Atlanta Street hockey jersey
Close-up at the crest area of Jagrbombs hockey jersey
Close-up at the crest area of Peach Trees hockey jersey
Close-up at the crest area of ATLiens hockey jersey

Custom Logo Design

$ 200.00 

Logo design for your team. Great for teams just starting out.

Custom logo consult and mockups based on your ideas

2 different directions to choose from + refined final design

Receive vector (AI & PDF) source files as deliverables

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Our Design Philosophy

We focus on minimalism and make choices that reflect the region where you play.

Logos should be designed thoughtfully.

Red X icon indicating a negative


It's our mission to avoid boring, unimaginative, and templated work. You don't want to be go to the nearest rink and see a team using the same lame logo.

Red X icon indicating a negative


No one wants to be that team with too many distracting elements in a logo, it just looks bad. Plus, it can be hard to tell what your teams name is.

Green Checkmark icon indicating a positive


Keeping a keen eye on meticulous details ensures a well designed crest.

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By drawing upon a background in artistic principles, our logo design service leverages the power of bold colors and an understanding of how font can tell a story.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the logo design process like?

To start out, we hit the drawing board to come up with some initial ideas, fueled by your input.

We present 2 logo options for your to choose from. This also includes making any requested revisions to your selected logo option.

Finally, the updated logo is presented and hopefully approved from your end.

If the logo is still not how you want it because of changing your mind, we can offer an extra round of revisions for $50.

We assure you that the work from our design team will be high quality. However, if you feel that the logo does not meet those quality standards, you can request a partial refund.

Contact Us with Questions >

What deliverables do you provide?

For the final logo deliverables, you will receive a .ZIP file of various file formats of your primary logo.

This includes vector/source files (AI and PDF) along with exported web-optimized files (PNG and JPG).

Can you make me a jersey design with a preexisting logo?

Yes, Southern Hockey Co. also offers jersey design services!

Learn more about our custom jersey design process.

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Are there any other hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. The $200 service includes a consult with you, 2 logo directions, and a round of refinement on the selected direction to reach a final logo.

If you need an additional round of revisions, we can offer that for $50.

Is there a refund policy for the logo when I pay ahead?

Typically, we do not offer refunds on completed work.

If you decide BEFORE the 2 initial design directions are sent your way that you no longer want to complete the project, we will refund $150 of the $200 payment.

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Southern Hockey Co. Also Creates Beautiful Custom Jerseys

Illustration icon of a light colored and dark colored hockey jersey